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Current Issue

January-February 2017| Vol 50| Issue 1

Original Article

Prognostic factors for radial nerve palsy associated with humeral shaft fracture

Background: Radial nerve palsy (RNP) associated with humeral shaft fracture is a common injury pattern in trauma patients. The management of RNP associated with humeral fractures in high-energy...

Original Article

Clinical experience of double primary gastric cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma

Background: With improvements in the prognosis of gastric cancer, the clinical importance of treating patients with both gastric cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is increasing because ...

Original Article

Natural orifice specimen extraction with single-stapling anastomosis for distal colon resection: Feasibility and outcomes

Background: The double-stapling technique (DST) and triple-stapling technique used in laparoscopic anterior resection are considered risk factors of leakage or anastomotic leakage. A high anast...

Original Article

Arterial lactate level is associated with mortality rate in unscheduled surgical intensive care admissions

Background: Lactate is a widely used biomarker for patients with conditions such as infection or trauma. The value of lactate level in risk stratification is rarely investigated for patients ad...

Case Report

Distal pancreatectomy and celiac axis resection for pancreatic body carcinoma involving celiac artery

Pancreatic body or tail cancer with invasion to major vessels, including the common hepatic artery and the celiac artery, was previously considered to be unresectable. However, an increasing number of...

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