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1.  Chloroquine induces lysosomal membrane permeability mediated apoptotic cell death in bladder cancer cells.
2.  Ten-year Experience on the Use of Perforator Flaps for the Reconstruction of Sacral Defects
3.  The Result of Emergency Cardiac Intervention in Resuscitated Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients
4.  Laparoscopic liver resection for polycystic liver disease
5.  Is chronic periodontal disease correlated with sexual function in young males ?
6.  Treatment results in the same surgery method of the high cervical spinal schwannoma
7.  A Study on the Improvement of Satisfaction in Burn Patients Receiving Adjuvant Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
8.  Small cell carcinoma of upper urinary tract: a pooled analysis of survival
9.  Acute Pancreatitis and Primary hyperparathyroidism; effect of parathyroidectomy
10.  Risk factors for mortality in terminally ill patients with do-not-resuscitate orders
11.  Prospective randomized control study comparing gauze-based with foam-based negative pressure wound therapy for the stage 4 pressure injury
12.  Statistical relevance of mean hematoma density and hematomaæs internal architecture: potential clinical application in chronic subdural hematomas
13.  Surgical Treatment of Noncaustic Benign Esophageal Stenosis
1.  Changes in the size of a scalp mass when smoking, a superficial temporal artery pseudoaneurysm: a case report and review of the literature
2.  Surgical treatment for duodeno-reno-cutaneous fistula: A case report and review of literature
3.  Heterotopic subserosal pancreatic tissue in jejunum-an incidental rare finding
4.  Surgical Intervention of A Giant and Unresectable Gastric Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Following Neoadjuvant Therapy with Imatinib
5.  Idiopathic isolated omental panniculitis: A first such case reported to present with intestinal obstruction.
6.  Surgical versus Conservative Management for Suppurative Intramural Esophageal Dissection
7.  Synchronous Burkittæs Lymphoma Presenting as Ovarian Mass and Ileocecal Intussusception in Adult
8.  Right middle lobe lung extraskeletal osteosarcoma following complete adjuvant therapy of chest wall pleomorphic liposarcoma
9.  Fish-bone related liver abscess
10.  Glioblastoma with hemorrhage mimicking a dural-based meningioma