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Prophylatic efficacy of dexamethasone, ketamine and dexmedetomidine against intra- and postoperative nausea and vomiting under spinal anesthesia
Hesameddin Modir, Esmail Moshiri, Alireza Kamali, Maryam Shokrpour, Nilufar Shams
January-February 2019, 52(1):17-23
  6 4,111 508
Bilateral primary inguinal hernia repair in Taiwanese adults: A nationwide database analysis
Jian-Han Chen, Jin-Chia Wu, Wen-Yao Yin, Cheng-Hung Lee
May-June 2017, 50(3):89-96
  5 3,730 333
Are immature granulocytes and derivatives early predictors of acute appendicitis and acute complicated appendicitis in adults?
Mustafa Korkut, Cihan Bedel, Fatih Selvi
July-August 2020, 53(4):123-127
  4 2,748 246
Unusual presentation of a late complication in a polyacrylamide gel-injected breast
Hui-Ling Peng, Yi-Ho Cheng, Yu-Hsien Lin, Chun-Hung Ko
March-April 2017, 50(2):77-80
  3 3,377 309
Isolated tuberculous epididymitis
Shao-Ming Chen
March-April 2017, 50(2):74-76
  3 6,090 415
Fecaloma causing megacolon and bilateral hydronephrosis
Kuan-Chi Tu, Jinn-Rung Kuo
March-April 2020, 53(2):70-73
  3 2,202 216
Virtual reality laparoscopic simulator: Training tool for surgical trainee in Malaysia
Hau Chun Khoo, Ian Chik, Azlanudin Azman, Zamri Zuhdi, Hanafiah Harunarashid, Razman Jarmin
January-February 2021, 54(1):11-18
  3 2,189 215
Chronic periodontal disease correlated with sezual function in young males
Meng-Han Chou, Chin-Yu Liu, Ming-Hsin Yang, Yu-Ching Chou, Sheng-Tang Wu, Tai-Lung Cha, Chih-Wei Tsao
September-October 2018, 51(5):175-179
  3 2,777 313
Improvement of satisfaction in burn patients receiving adjuvant hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Kuan-Liang Chen, Cheng-Jung Wu, Wei-Shih Tseng, Hui-Chieh Lee, Tzu-Pin Tsai, Wen-Shyan Huang
September-October 2018, 51(5):184-191
  3 3,748 310
A randomized clinical trial comparing a collagen-based composite dressing versus topical antibiotic ointment on healing full-thickness skin wounds to promote epithelialization
Hsin-Chung Tsai, Hui-Ching Shu, Li-Chuan Huang, Chuan-Mu Chen
March-April 2019, 52(2):52-56
  3 4,808 458
Demography of the remnant of omphalomesenteric duct
Dinesh Kumar Barolia, Aditya Pratap Singh, Ramesh Tanger, Arun Kumar Gupta, Vinita Chaturvedi, Neeraj Tuteja
November-December 2019, 52(6):201-206
  3 3,599 311
Eighty percent partial splenic embolization is a safe and effective procedure in management of cirrhotic hypersplenism
Bor-Gang Wu, Andy Shau-Bin Chou, Guan-Jin Ho, Ming-Che Lee
May-June 2017, 50(3):101-106
  3 7,196 559
Multiple paragangliomas involving carotid body and vagal region
Jaimanti Bakshi, Atul Kumar Goyal, Dharam Vir, Naresh Kumar Panda
July-August 2019, 52(4):143-146
  2 1,844 242
Clipping of spinal arteriovenous fistula of the filum terminale under intraoperative angiography guidance
Yun-Ju Lee, Kai-Chun Lin, Cheng-Chia Tsai, Hsin-Yao Lin
July-August 2019, 52(4):151-153
  2 1,834 231
Robotic nipple-sparing mastectomy: A preliminary report of a single institute and joint collective analysis of current reported series
Hung-Wen Lai, Chih-Yu Chen, Chi Wei Mok, Chiung-Ying Liao, Chih-Jung Chen, Shou-Tung Chen, Shih-Lung Lin, Dar-Ren Chen, Shou-Jen Kuo
September-October 2019, 52(5):175-182
  2 2,296 268
Comparison of mesh fixation and nonfixation in laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal repair of inguinal hernia
Behrooz Kalidarei, Mohsen Mahmoodieh, Zakaria Sharbu
November-December 2019, 52(6):212-220
  2 3,057 427
The impact of alcohol intoxication on injury severity and outcomes of adult patients with different trauma type
Yee-San Lee, Chih-Fang Huang, Pei-Ming Wang, Shu-Hui Peng, Hang-Tsung Liu, Ching-Hua Hsieh
January-February 2020, 53(1):8-13
  2 2,224 266
Comparison of an intravertebral reduction device and percutaneous vertebroplasty for anatomical reduction with single-level vertebral compression fractures
Chi-Chen Huang, Shih-Huang Tai, Chao-Han Lai, E-Jian Lee
May-June 2020, 53(3):101-108
  2 2,556 332
Shah-Waardenburg syndrome
Rahul Gupta, Dinesh Kumar Barolia, Ramesh Tanger, Lila Dhar Agrawal, Arun Kumar Gupta, Ram Babu Goyal
September-October 2017, 50(5):163-168
  2 4,658 386
Facial recontouring with autologous cryopreserved fat graft
Hsu Ma, Yin-Han Fang, Chih-Hsun Lin, Cherng-Kang Perng, Chi-Han Tsai, Fu-Yinn Hsiao
March-April 2018, 51(2):58-62
  2 2,869 312
Association between laboratory markers and oncological outcomes in patients with osteosarcoma – A review of osteosarcoma treatment in Indonesia
Achmad Fauzi Kamal, Rangga Ardianto Prasetyo
May-June 2018, 51(3):111-117
  2 4,633 392
Thoracoscopic repair of esophageal atresia: Comparison with open approach
Chun-Hui Lin, Yih-Cherng Duh, Yu-Wei Fu, Yao-Jen Hsu, Chin-Hung Wei
May-June 2018, 51(3):105-110
  2 3,720 454
Hypotensive effect of labetalol and dexmedetomidine blood loss and surgical conditions in functional endoscopic sinus surgery: A double-blind randomized clinical trial
Aliakbar Eghbal, Hesameddin Modir, Esmail Moshiri, Mohammad Khalili, Farzad Zamani Barsari, Abolfazl Mohammadbeigi
May-June 2018, 51(3):98-104
  2 3,670 484
Management of tailgut cysts in a single institute in Taiwan
Yu-Zu Lin, Wen-Yih Liang, Hung-Hsin Lin, Chun-Chi Lin, Jeng-Kai Jiang, Sheng-Chieh Huang
January-February 2019, 52(1):11-16
  2 4,660 350
Enhancing rat full-thickness skin wounds with a mixed aloe/chitosan gel
Zeinab Janahmadi, Meisam Rezaei Motlagh, Sasan Zaeri
May-June 2019, 52(3):84-91
  2 3,098 372
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